Monthly Meditation Retreats at New York Sectorial Office


Collective photo after Akhanda Kiirtana in the meditation retreat on the first weekend of November 2018.

Since year 2017 we started having monthly meditation retreats at the New York Sectorial Office. Those short meditation retreats in Flushing, New York attract Margiis and visitors from the five boroughs of New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Haven, Connecticut, and Boston. We normally have Akhanda Kiirtana on the Saturday and Sunday morning starting at 10 a.m. and on Saturday afternoon a lecture or workshop followed by evening Dharma Cakra.

The Meditation Retreat on December 1 & 2, 2018 had very good participation of Margiis and all the Dadas and Didis that had come for consequent RDS meetings joined the retreat. On Saturday morning we had Akhanda Kiirtana and in the afternoon an interactive class on spiritual philosophy where the Margiis and Acaryas took turns to give a short introduction to a topic and then collectively discuss it. The Sunday morning Akhanda Kiirtana was very blissful with good participation from beginning to end.