Pracar and Service in the Dominican Republic and Haiti


Brother Caetanya (SDM BP in Boston) and his wife, Iishita, have collected funds, clothes, computers, books, and other goods and shipped them to Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the last years. In November 2021, after long Pandemic Restrictions, they visited the Dominican Republic and Haiti and conducted pracar, visited a school they have been supporting and farmers cooperative that Iishita’s father has taken the lead to start.


For the last 11 years and in collaboration with the Dama Salesianas of Jarabacoa R. D, we have helped build this school and even created a space for meditation (Sadhana) and prayers. Please see the pictures below of the school and Sadhana room. 


This library has been a long dream and project of the Dama Salesianas, Ishita, and Caetanya, which has flourished with a collection of children’s books and encyclopedias in several languages. Including our continued support for La Poesia Montana movement. 


Relief goods such as food, medicine, and clothing were shipped to Haiti to our supports working in the City of Cap-Haïtian and nearby towns. Several organized food and clothing distribution were performed in the visited town of Dominican Republic and additional scheduled food, medicine, and clothes distribution in December. Our supporters for both Haïtians and Dominicans needed the support.  


A Farmer Cooperative has been formed in the town of Manabao, with Ishita’s uncle being the head representative of the coop. Several new projects have been implemented and supported the Corporativo Manabao jarabacoa república dominicana.

The Library of Languages that Caetanya and his family have supported in the last eleven years.
Caetanya and his family have been raising funds to build this school building. They have dedicated a Sadhana/prayer room in the building.


Food and goods distribution
Sadhana room in the school building
Computer room. They have been collecting computers and sending them to the school.
Boxes with donated goods are ready for shipping to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
Meeting of the farmer’s cooperative