Good News from Ananda Girisuta MU, Atlanta Region

Collective photo during the beginner’s meditation retreat at Ananda Girisuta MU

Avtk. Ananda Acira Acarya and Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt. organized a beginner meditation retreat at Ananda Girisuta attended by fourteen people from February 23 to 26, 2023. Six sisters and two brothers got initiation during the retreat, and those who were new Margiis got lesson reviews and new lessons. 

After the beginner retreat, the New York Sector Dadas and Didis had their annual RDS at Ananda Girisuta. The local Margiis joined us for Paincajainya and the evening Dharmacakra during the RDS. 

Didi Ananda Acira and Didi Ananda Hitaprabha help with filling the storage bags during the emergency food workshop.

On Friday, March 3, brother Jiivanmukta and Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt. organized a workshop teaching how to create an emergency food storage (AMURT Store.) Bábá instructed us to keep at least one year of emergency food storage. Under normal storage conditions, the food would spoil within a few years. Jiivanmukta had purchased about two hundred pounds of bulk items that store easily, such as beans, lentils, rice, spices, sugar, coconut oil, and practical things such as lighters. We packed the food in 5-liter aluminum-coated bags (mylar bags) with oxygen absorbers and diatomaceous earth that prevents moths and bugs from damaging the food. The bags were sealed by ironing (melting) them together. Then, everything was packed in plastic barrels. The food can store for up to 35 years using these techniques. Emergency storage also should contain tasty items, so we included molasses, spices, and food-grade extra-virgin coconut oil. 

Dada Muktatmananda gives a philosophy class. The retreat followed the seminar format and covered all the seminar topics.

After the RDS, all the Acaryas joined a Margii retreat and seminar at Ananda Girisuta from March 3 – 5. Ac. Iishvarakrsnananda Avt., Ac. Muktatmananda Avt., and Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt gave seminar classes on the seminar topics for the first phase of seminars 2023. We also had Akhanda Kiirtana every afternoon. On March 5, we celebrated Dadhichi Divas by observing half-day fasting and 6-hour Akhanda Kiirtana. The local Margiis joined the Akhanda Kiirtana and dinner. 

The second floor of the Rectory after Dada Pramoditananda installed the hardwood oak floor.


Ac. Pramoditananda Avt. stayed at Ananda Girisuta for a month, helping brother Dharmapala complete the Rectory’s upper floor. He installed hardwood oak floors and doors and finished the bathrooms. The lower floor of the Rectory is completed, and only the kitchen, mini-split, and appliances have not been installed yet for the upper floor. The completion and house-entry ceremony is planned for July 15, 2023.

Didi Ananda Acira and Dada Iishvarkrsnananda with Sonalii and the children that joined the retreat from March 3 – 5, 2023.

Dada Iishvarakrsnananda gives a seminar class during the March 3 – 5 retreat.


The domes of Ananda Girisuta Master Unit

The Rectory of Ananda Girisuta Master Unit

Collective meal during the March 3 – 5 retreat