The Meditation and Service Project


In 2021 we started a new pracar project in the New York Sector called ‘The Meditation and Service project.’ It’s run by a group of our Didis and Dadas, and they have planned several projects in the coming months.
First, a new interactive talk show concept called ‘The Meditation and Service Show’ will be launched on 21 January and Livestreamed every week. The talk show will have two hosts, and a weekly guest will be invited to share their valuable experiences about meditation and service. Our first guest will be Dada Shiilabhadrananda, a senior Dada from Canada who has been acarya for 45 years. Every week a topic related to meditation and/or service will be introduced.
A Facebook page and group were launched some months ago, plus an Instagram account. To find out more about this exciting project, visit:
As it’s a pracar project, it is designed to inspire persons new to meditation it may feel a bit ‘basic’ for experienced margiis 😉
You may help us to promote the project by sharing it with friends and family.