Winter Retreat in Dallas


The Winter Retreat in Dallas is now just one week away. We are looking forward to a great retreat with Akhanda Kiirtana every day, interesting classes and workshops on December 31, Akhanda Kiirtana into the New Year and collective reading of Ananda Vanii on January 1, 2019.
The beautiful Ascend Retreat Center is near to the Dallas airports.

For more information, registering and paying the retreat fee, please see the link below:

Winter Retreat in Dallas and Spiritual Conference at Ananda Kanan

If you have any questions about the retreat, you are welcome to contact the organizers.

Dada Advayananda (214) 223-8843,
Bhaktideva (214) 264-5239
Dada Anudhyanananda (570) 445-5883,
Didi Ananda Kalyanmitra (530) 615-9529,
Swami Bhattar (832)-606-6179