Workers Relief Camp in Ananda Kanan


Workers Relief Camp (WRC) is a special event organized periodically by Ananda Marga Seva Dal.

On June 26 to 28 2017 around 20 dedicated volunteers of Ananda Marga Seva Dal participated to the Workers Relief Camp in the beautiful setting of Ananda Kanan Ozark Retreat Center.

Three days full of sports and discipline oriented activities prepared the volunteers for the difficult task of serving humanity at the time of need.

The Day starts with the raising of the flag of Dharma by singing a spiritual song symbolizing the complete dedication the the cause of serving humanity without any distinction.

When at the end of the day the flag is lowered the activity are over but the discipline and vigilance in the Camp continues through out the night giving the opportunity to the participants to experience the state of alertness and composure required in any real life situation, particularly when in emergency life matters most.

At the same time the atmosphere of a camp is always very festive and at Ananda Kanan all enjoyed the good food and the opportunity to perform service by preparing the retreat center for the coming Spiritual Conference.

The WRC was organized by Acarya Anudhyanananda Avadhuta in quality of Chief Secretary of Ananda Marga Seva Dal . We look forward for more Camps and opportunity to join the Ananda Marga Seva Dal activities in North and Central America.

(The image on the front is not from the WRC Camp in Ananda Kanan. It is from a medical Camp held in India some times ago.)