Yoga Detox programs in New York


This is a group photo from the ongoing Yoga Detox programs held in New York. Around 100 people got exposed to Dada Dharmadevananda teachings about health and detox. There were some miraculous improvements in just a short time . A combination of mud packs, spiritual vibration, infrared sauna and of course fresh organic handmade filtered juices spiced with ginger and other positive micro vita are still benefitting the entire number of participants and facilitators which included 9 Acarya working as a team for the overall success of the event.

Besides the medical results, there were four initiations and a great boost in everybody confidence that health detox programs can be organized everywhere guiding more and more people towards a better lifestyle and natural healing.

Dada Dharmadevananda will be shifting his direct presence now to Asheville where a 10 days juice and detox program is going to start in two days. Thanks for the life-changing experience you offered freely to everybody.