AMURT Haiti – Recent Developments


Acarya Pashupati presented the latest developments of AMURT Haiti during the Project Presentation Session in Ananda Kanan.

The programs include Innoved, run by Sarita, to dramatically increase the Neo-Humanistic education modalities in Haiti public and private schools. Here you see Dharma meeting with the staff.

Also Dharma is creating the salt flats to reclaim ocean salt and iodinating it in a cooperative endeavor with all the locals who, after the Hurricane Mitch destroyed their own basins, have joined in collaboration to use AMURT’s newer modern and more efficient methods with solar-powered pumps and multiple sequential basins. There are regular retreats, and 20 LFT’s are in training.

The AMURTEL ladies have had convocations with 200-300 women in self-help groups, “The Women Who Won’t Sit Down,” who are developing their economic self-sufficiency along with their freedom from abuse.

Indubhusan has purchased a Master Unit in Southern Haiti near the hospital that he directs, and it now has a jagrti built on it, with multiple tree plantations. Pashupati did relief work for Haitian refugees from the Dominican Republic, which ousted them without recourse.