Ananda Dhiira Master Unit in Penn Valley, California


Didi Ananda Kalyanmitra presented the developments of Ananda Dhiira Master Unit during the Projects Presentation Session at Ananda Kanan Spiritual Conference.

Ananda Dhiira Master Unit, Penn Valley, CA

Ananda Dhiira sits on 20 acres of beautiful oak tree forest with a running creek; we have 2 houses, vegetable garden and rose garden. In the vicinity of the Master Unit (10 minutes walking distance) there is a tourist attraction, the Bridgeport covered Bridge, built at the time of the gold rush. It is the longest single-span wooden bridge in USA and it sits in the midst of the South Yuba River State park. The park attracts many hikers and bird watchers from all around the country due to its unique variety of birds.

Time to time I get special help from volunteers that come from all over the world to spend the summer in this beautiful natural environment and learn about Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation life style.

In the month of June 2017, a couple of volunteers from Canada (Stephen and Susie) came to help in the Master Unit. We had different tasks to accomplish on the property: rebuild the damaged fence and gate after a visit of a hungry bear ; cutting several fallen trees after the heavy rain during winter; splitting and piling wood for winter, preparing the vegetable garden for summer, and so on. Stephen is an expert carpenter, so with his help and with the supervision of Didi Ananda Aparajiita (who came to replace me while I was away), we managed to fix the broken gate in the vegetable garden, cut several fallen trees, pile them for winter, replace the wobbling fence of the rose garden in front of the house, weed the whole vegetable garden and plant tomatoes, zucchini, squashes, peppers, watermelons, melons, cucumbers, etc, and finish the pergola in front of one of the houses. Stephen also built from scratch a beautiful wooden door for the rose garden, carved by hand.

I had 2 margii sisters visiting from Taiwan, Iira’ma’ and Saraswatii. Iira’ma’ is my initiate, and stayed 2 weeks.
At the same time, a margii brother (Sucharit) invited me to test my brain waves while meditating for a study conducted at UC Davis (University of California Davis) in Sacramento. Sucharit is conducting various experiments to analyze the different responses that the brain has during meditation (Iishvara pranidhana, Dhyana, etc), and during other stimulating exercises as well as guided meditation and relaxation. The study had 2 groups of participants: one group had experienced meditators and the other had complete beginners. I was very interested in taking part in this kind of study and help him in his research.

Sucharit is now in India and soon he will move to Europe to continue in his studies.

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In His Love,
Avadhutika Ananda Kalyanmitra Acarya