Ananda Dham Master Unit Development


Ananda Dham Master Unit (previously known as Organic Peach Farm) is about 3000 feet above sea level, and the area is a mountain desert with only 7 – 15 inches of rain per year. Fortunately, our land borders a river that runs dry most of the year but there is water under the sand, and our well has plenty of water all year round. 

During the winter, the temperature at Ananda Dham often drops below freezing at night. Dada Pramoditananda has been living at the Master Unit last two years and renovating the house. This winter, Dada purchased a new wood oven and moved it singlehandedly (250kg) into the Master Unit farmhouse. The stove is now working well and heating the house. 

Dada has also continued the ongoing renovation work, including plumbing, repairing the water pump, etc. Dada is also helping Margiis from Ukraine with psycho-social support since the start of the war with Russia. 

Ananda Dham is surrounded by hills and mountains with natural habitats for wildlife, including coyotes, bobcats, foxes, deer, various smaller animals, and large and small birds. Having our land fenced off is therefore essential for growing any trees and other crops. Our only neighbor is a currently vacant juvenile prison, and their fence had been pounded down by falling trees some years ago. We had been having difficulties for many years getting them to repair it. Dada Pramoditananda managed to find the right department in the County, and they agreed to fix it, and recently, a team of people came and put the fence up again and chipped the fallen trees to avoid fire danger.