Visit to Mexico


SS Dada Abhiramanandaji and Dada Diiptimanananda visited Cuernavaca, Mexico City, and Monterrey in Mexico from mid-February to mid-March 2022. Dada Ragatmananda lives at Cuernavaca Jagrti and daily tours the city and neighboring areas singing Kiirtana and doing pracar. The Dadas had Akhanda Kiirtana with the Margiis in Cuernavaca and the Margiis same time accepted brother Rainjan as the Bhukti Pradhan. Sister Ainjali came from Mexico City. She is active in pracar and organizing talks by Dadas and Didis at her studio in Mexico City.

Mexico has a rich history and culture, and this time, apart from organizational work, the Dadas had a chance to see the pyramids at Xochicalco, which are the remains of a city that served as a religious center and fortress by a Mayan group of traders from Campeche from 650 AD to 900 AD. 

Dada Cirananda is taking care of the Monterrey Jagrti. The Dadas had some meetings with the Monterrey Margiis and organized Akhanda Kiirtana at the Jagrti. It was the first Akhanda Kiirtana since last summer due to the Pandemic.

Monterrey Margiis after Dharma Cakra with Dada Diiptimanananda (right), SS Dada Abhiramananda (center) and Dada Cirananda (left).
Dada Ragatmananda (left) and SS Dada Abhiramananda (right). Dada Ragatmananda is a painter and musician. Some of his paintings are in the back.
Margiis and Dadas in Cuernavaca after Akhanda Kiirtana
Akhanda Kiirtana at Cuernavaca Jagrti. The meditation hall has recently been renovated and painted.

Akhanda Kiirtana at Monterrey Jagrti