Ananda Marga Participates in the Republic Day of India Celebrations in New York


On January 26, the Consulate of India in New York celebrated the Republic Day of India. Ananda Marga representatives Acarya Abhiramananda Avadhuta and Acarya Anudhayananda Avadhuta joined another one hundred people for the program. During the program, they met with Mr. Randhir Jaiswal, the consul of New York, and the deputy consul Mr. Varun ji. It was a grand celebration.

The Indian American community also organized a Republic Day of India celebration. Mr. Bobby Kumar and Mr. Indu Jaiswal invited Ananda Marga to attend those programs. More than one hundred and fifty people were present there, and Ananda Marga was invited to this event. The Ananda Marga representatives met with many elected officials, community leaders, delegates, senators, assembly members, judges, and known community leaders. Ananda Marga was introduced, and they invited all the guests to the March 12 event.

Ac. Kovid Brc. interviewed by a TV station