Baba’s world and its connections


On August 15 two brothers completed the LFT training in the premises of the Ananda Marga Sectorial Office in New York. Here is the account of the entire USA experience by brother Ra’jadiipa who came especially from Brazil in order to attend.

The way that Baba lead your path is a mystery. I was in Brazil living my life as the usual, but for some reason, during the summer retreat in Porto Alegre, I started to be in touch with Dada Abhiramananda. Then he invited me to do an LFT (local full time) training in New York sector. So, I started to prepare myself for the travel. The day after my last test at the university I took a plane to the USA and when I arrived I first met Ghrii Acarya Dhruva and his family. They treated me like I was part of his own family, that was my first impression of Ananda Marga in USA, brotherhood.

I spent three weeks in Ananda Kanan Master Unit, that place is magic. Everything there is amazing: the people, the area, the food and most important the sentiment of friendship. I hope to stay in touch with everybody who I met there and for sure I made a friendship for a lifetime with Trimurti, my training companion. The retreat in Ananda Kanan was just a preparation for something really bigger, the real training to become an LFT.

I had one of the best experiences in life in New York during the training, I believe, my brother Trimurti think the same as me. We emerged from some special training guided for the Acarya Iishvarakrsnananda Avt., or Dada IK, which is so difficult to put words in this experience. The routine was really strict, but at the same time delightful, we enjoyed to the point to make it part of our personal lives. Basically, we had to do sadhana (meditation), asanas, cooking, take classes and others things. We got prepared for life in general because we know now how to cook, to manage the house and the most important how to manage your sadhana and relation with the Supreme (God). Those classes were so inspiring and deep, they made our minds open to many aspects of life.

I feel my life changed in this month of LFT training and I advise every brother and sister to pass through the same experience. The Dadas and Didis they have the knowledge to guide properly us. I`m living USA with a feeling that I discovered a new family and a new brotherhood. So I`m thankful for everybody who stayed with me and shared this wonderful moment of my life. Thank you, thank you for everything. With my hearth full of love, Namaskar.