Slideshow of the Ananda Marga Spiritual Conference 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Namaskar!

Hope that you have returned safely back to your home by Baba’s Grace, full of devotion, love, and Baba’s blessing after the Spiritual Conference at Ananda Kanan, New York Sector. It is my honor to recognize and appreciate your presence and healthy participation. 

Any success and progress depend on your concern and cooperation of all. As you know, time is more valuable than any other things. I am happy that you took time from your busy schedule for Baba’s Mission. I do appreciate your full cooperation during the retreat. 

The highlights of the retreat were the Ananda Marga Seminar, RAWA program, Ideological Debate, devotional programs, Kiirtana, Ananda Mela, Outing, sports, and yoga classes. With the healthy cooperation of all Acaryas of the Sector, I hope that you enjoyed a lot during the programs. 

This time, we had active participation and contribution from the Margiis of the Sector, Bhukti Pradhans, ACB Members and other trade optees, and WWD. The retreat was successfully conducted by the cooperation of all Margiis and Workers of the Sector. 

I wish for you loving cooperation in the future for the strength of the organization. You are welcome every year to participate in this spiritual conference with family and friends. You are most welcome with any suggestions or input. Wish you all the best, may Baba bless you.

Please see the link below for a slideshow that I prepared with photos from the conference. The kiirtana in the background is from the album Divine Flame by Ac. Nabhatiitananda Avt.

Yours brotherly,

Acarya Diiptimanananda Avadhuta
Sectorial Office Secretary
Ananda Marga New York Sector