Brochette Recipe by Ainjali



In gastronomy, brochette (from the French brochette) refers to meals served skewered on a skewer.


  • Ingredients for the small dough balls:
    The basic ingredients that I use are: chickpeas hydrated for 12 to 24 hours. Lentil sprouts (optional). Garbanzo or ground chickpea flour, widely used in India and Oaxaca, Mexico, which can be purchased, or made at home in a powerful food processor. The ground chickpea has special qualities: it is tasty, it makes the dough more cohesive, as if it were an egg; It also makes that the dough does not stick to the pan, that is, very little fat is needed for frying them (which is healthier!). A sprig of fresh mint. The following ingredients provide a special and delicious flavor: powdered fennel seeds, avocado leaves and dried rosemary. You can also add a little paprika, especially to give color. A small amount of one or more of the following vegetables will give more flavor and moisture: red pepper, spinach or broccoli, chopped.

This dough can be used not only for skewers, but also for hamburgers, croquettes, “meatballs” etc. Later, we will give these recipes.
Feel free to experiment using the ingredients you prefer, those you find on hand, or in your local market.
It seems to me healthier and much cheaper to make this dough, than to buy, for example, tofu.

  • Other Ingredients to form the brochettes: boiled corn, red pepper, yellow sweet potato, green tomatoes, zucchini. Wooden sticks.
  • Ingredients for the salsita: Roasted tomatoes or commercial tomato puree. Peanuts, dried chiles such as: chipotle, morita or pasilla. Or, any other dried and smoked chili available.

PREPARING THE BALLS Put the legumes, flour and spices in a food processor with a little water. Put the dough in a deep plate and add the chopped vegetables and some salt, mix well. Let rest for about half hour. Then form the small balls and fry them in a pan with little oil, English or soy sauce. Store the balls in the refrigerator, they definively will taste better the next day.

SHAPING THE BROCHETTES: The cut elotes must already be boiled and well cooked. Thread together with the rest of the vegetables and the balls to form the brochettes.
You can also form the the brochettes with the corn cooked, the fried balls and the raw vegetables, and then roast all together on a grill.

PREPARING “SALSITA”: the sauce or salsita in this recipe is essential. You can enjoy the brochettes adding BBQ sauce, but I prefer  this super succulent sauce, very easy to do. Soak peanuts and chilies for several hours. The chilies should be split in two so they can moisten well, remove the seeds. Aside, roast the tomatoes. Blend in a blender all the ingredients well and finally cook the sauce for about 10 minutes or more if you prefer thick sauces (no need to use oil). Add salt if you want. Serve the sauce warm.

SERVING: you can serve this delicious, nutritious, economical, colorful and also fun dish as suggested in the photograph.