Dada Parinirvananda visited Trinidad and Guyana


During the short span of 11 days Dada Parinirvananda visited two Islands in the Carabbeeans which are both with an influential Indian community. He was extremely well received in both places where several collective spiritual gatherings took place. There was Dharma Cakra in Trinidad and Guyana and in the above picture  are margi from Trinidad (Krsna and Radha) which were initiated long back by Dada Shankarananda.  There was an Ananda Marga center in Trinidad that unfortunately was lost. Now margi inspired by Dada visit are ready to start again with the purchase of a jagrti. Dada met Kirk Mego who is an influential person in Trinidad. Talked about PROUT which can be very helpful for the community here. In Trinidad there is a high suicidal rate in Trinidad. Dada went also in the countryside for meeting families in the villages and had collective meditation with them. His presence gave hope to many people of the island through the ideals of Ananda Marga of service for the entire society.

From Trinidad Dada Parinirvananda proceeded to Guyana where he was joined by the Sectorial Secretary of George Town Sector, Acarya Siddheshvarananda. Both they met with the Minister of Education in Guyana Dr. Rupert Ramswroop and planned how to run the schools of the country on the basis of Neohumanistic education. They got a promise of donation of 20 Acres land for social service development and were extremely well received in the local community. Images talk more than words …