Good News from Ananda Priiti Master Unit and Houston Unit


Good News of Ananda Priiti Master Unit in San Antonio, Texas

We have regular Dharma Cakra (DC) in the Ananda Priiti Master Unit. Five Margiis regularly come for DC. In January, we contacted libraries and were able to get set up yoga classes for the public, starting in April 2019. We have contacted universities, and there is a possibility to open yoga clubs for students through one of our Margii brother who studied here at the University of Texas.

Regarding the Master Unit, there is progress in improving our buildings, since the incident of the house burning 2016 (due to lightning that hit the main building.) In January, we built one house for firewood and cooking place and a brick stove. Through contacts in Facebook, we collected lots of free materials (woods, bricks, plywood, tire) for construction of a garden in front and back side of the Master Unit.
We were able to make the extension of the roof in the back side of the main building on February thanks to the fundraising and support from all Margiis and sympathizers from Texas and abroad.

The Unit Retreat was very inspiring on March 15-17th, 2019. 16 Margiis have attended. We have two Akhanda Kiirtan, Fire Camp and Karma Yoga. Sixteen new trees were planted.

Good News of Houston, Texas.

Brother Nityananda conducted regular Yoga Class in his house with around 5-8 participants. Three amongst them are very inspired. They learned meditation and practice regularly in their home.
AMURT is very active here. We have regular Mass feeding for children Shelter in Galveston which serve around 200 homeless children.
Dharma Cakra was held in Dr. Ram’s house – around 10 Margiis attended. We have regular Akhanda Kiirtan once every two months.
On March 29th, 2019, Acarya Advayananda Avadhuta had a workshop about Yoga and Meditation wellness for fifteen students in one yoga studio in Spring Texas. The class was very inspiring, and one brother learned meditation, two sisters are going to learn meditation by the month of May.
On March 31st, we had Akhanda Kiirtana, seminar and bhukti election in Dr. Ram’s House. Everything went smoothly by Baba’s Grace, and everyone is determined to be more active, and we planned for the next Akhanda Kiirtan on occasion of Baba Birthday in May and next Mass feeding for Children Shelter in Galveston in June.

[News contributed by Avadhutika Ananda Hitaprabha Acarya, Assistant Rector, Ananda Priiti Master Unit]

Seminar in Houston, March 2019
Mass Feeding in Galveston, Houston
Akhanda Kiirtana in Houston, Texas, Dallas Region