Happy Kiirtan Divas


Today is a historical day for Ananda Margiis.
8 October 1970, Baba introduced Kiirtan and the Universal Siddha Mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam” at Amjhariya, Jharkhand(Near Ranchi),where they heard it sung for the first time.

“So there are four stages – four stages once at the time of inhalation and four stages again at the time of exhalation.

So in all there are eight facets, and a siddha mantra must necessarily have eight syllables – it must be aśt́ákśarii,(3) [just as] each and every syllable of an Iśt́a mantra has got its own importance. Bábá náma kevalam is a siddha mantra. When the first syllable bá is uttered, the feeling should be, “I am crossing the threshold and entering the new world;” and when the last syllable ma is uttered, the feeling should be, “I have accomplished my duty.” If the kiirtana is done with these feelings, within two or three minutes the effect will come into play.

The whole siddha mantra should be uttered fully in each phrase of the tune – Bábá náma kevalam – and not a part of it – while doing kiirtana. If this is not done, the kiirtana cannot be said to be a perfect kiirtana. Everything must be done in a methodical way. Then you will enjoy and get the [completion] of kiirtana properly.”

Shri Shri Ánandamurti ji*

Ánanda vacanámrtam – 30 Astaksarii (3)- 8 syllabus