International Yoga Day 2018 in New York


International Yoga Day on June 21 was celebrated in New York with several events. 

On Saturday, June 16, the Consulate of India organized a major event on the Governors Island in New York. The event was outdoors in beautiful weather. The participants got all yoga mats and practiced yoga under the expert guidance of experienced teachers. There was a yoga-inspired dance performance, acrobatic yoga, speeches by dignitaries and Ananda Marga with Guru Dileepji and the World Yoga Community performed a Hindi Bhajan. , and the event was highlighted in the media.

On June 20 and 21, the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations organized significant events at the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan, New  York. The event on June 20 was held outdoors in beautiful weather. The program featured several spiritual groups, important spiritual teachers of India, artists, and yoga teachers. The participants got yoga mats and performed yoga collectively under the guidance of yoga teachers from New York. Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin gave a speech on the importance of yoga and other dignitaries. The Central Representative, Acarya Rudrananda Avadhuta,  Acarya Abhiramananda Avadhuta (SS NY), and all Dadas and Didis that are currently working in New York participated in the program and were interviewed by TV stations and local newspapers. 

On June 21, the Permanent Mission of India to UN held a panel discussion on “Yoga for Peace” in the conference area of the United Nations Building. Many important contributors to yoga were present in this panel discussion, and the Central Representative, Acarya Rudrananda Avadhuta shared his views on how Ananda Marga yoga and spiritual practices were transforming people’s lives in Russia, and how young people are joining Ananda Marga Whole Timer training is training in the Philippines and India. The panelists shared how they had contributed to the field of yoga, and how yoga had transformed their lives. All Dadas and Didis currently in New York participated in this event and interacted with the other participants after the panel discussions had finished.