Letters to the Editor


Communication is never one way. Crimson Dawn among all the ideals aims to create more unity in diversity in the global society. In this direction and with this purpose we open a special section dedicated to “Letters to the Editor” . This is nothing new in the world of newspapers or media and I don’t know why we are getting so late to open this level of communication but here below is the first letter just received from P D Narayan – India:

Obama is telling in Germany that we need to relook at globalisation.
Brexit, EU trouble with immigrants, trumps victory, understanding that present form of democracy is biggest cause of political corruption and source of black money.
A lot of changes going on worldwide.
Nobody like pessimism and only fault finding without encouraging optimism and supporting those doing positive work.
So, PROUT ideas must be spread with logic, rationality, and as a solution.
Ppl want to be in solution space, not in problem space.
Let us all do what we can, use social media and spread PROUTIST ideas.
But we will need to understand it ourselves first.
Another thing to remember, being spiritual aspirants. PROUT is also a thing of the mundane world. So don’t get too trapped into this kind of fight.
All is indeed going as per cosmic will. He gives spiritual aspirants an opportunity to do service, a part of spiritual practices. Our final goal is to make him happy, or merge in the objectless entity. And social service which includes spread of PROUT is only one part of the practice.