New Energy in Phoenix


For many years Ananda Marga in Phoenix had consisted of a single steadfast margii, Amiya (Ajay), who had kept weekly Dharmacakra going and taught newcomers, with a few other margiis drifting in and out.  In September 2017 the group of five semi-regulars organized a retreat at Arcosanti, attended by fifteen (plus kids) with Dadaji Muktatmanandaji and Didi Ananda Kalyanmitra leading.  The group grew with a couple of new initiates, and soon after other longtime Margiis found the group and joined in.  By spring of this year, the margiis established an organized unit of AMPS-NY.  With the continuing guidance and support of Dada M and Didi K the unit found themselves teaching local meditation classes and starting a fledgling service effort to distribute food to the homeless. The pracar effort used the MeetUp app to draw in people on short notice, and now there are two online groups totaling 133 interested members. The unit organized a successful retreat attended by 35 people in September in the mountains near Prescott (see last issue of Crimson Dawn), where five more new margiis took initiation. Weekly Dharmacakra and pot-luck dinners are held at various Margii’s homes or at the Phoenix Birth Center, a margii run facility, also used for meditation classes.  Pictured below is Naveen, Yudhisthira, Cinmayii, Anne, Brejesh, Caetanya (Unit Secretary), Sheela, Amiya. Not pictured: Naciketa, Michael, Mahadeva, Jyotriimayi, James, Jiivadevii.
Ananda Marga Meditation Meetup