Denver open city


By Acarya Vimaleshananda Avadhuta

The Ananda Marga unit of Denver has  kept along the years a constant engagement in serving the community. 

Morning Star Pre-school

This pre-school is a model for the neohumanist system of education of Ananda Marga . Mahajyoti has been at the helm of project for decades and has been relentlessly carrying on the duty by teaching the most amazing and entertaining classes I ever participated. Now Mahajyoti has retired but continues to serve on the Board with Kusuma, Didi Ananda Aparajiita and Amala.

Tuesday Meditation Circle

It is regular and attended not only by Margi but also by brothers and sisters which feel in tune with our practices. Mahajyoti leads starting with songs and chants from all spiritual traditions which allows the participants to feel included and recognized. The event includes dancing Lalita Marmika as well as Kiirtan, meditation and a spiritual talk.

PB&J day

2nd Saturday of the month food distribution in the park downtown. This social event is also regular since the time homeless people has been constantly increasing in number. Several organizations participate in the effort to keep Denver open for all. Ananda Marga does its share by bringing Margi and other volunteers together for serving the community. The preparation is done all together at the Ananda Marga center and consists in preparing 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The distribution follows in the park downtown where the sandwiches are offered personally together with fruits and water to the number of people who assemble all around the green area. It is a fun and useful activity which allows to keep a constant touch with the reality of those who are on the sidelines of society.

The Ananda Marga Center

Besides the normal Ananda Marga functions it provides individual rooms for 15 people. The life is communal with a shared industrial kitchen only for vegetarians. Sudama has being doing wonderful job managing the house for many years. 

Sunday Morning Yoga

It is a regular event since more than 30 years. Some of the participants join also the PB&J or the meditation. The program includes asanas from the Ananda Marga style of yoga as well as from other styles. Baba Nam Kiirtan is sung during the relaxation after the asanas. The event is offered free of charge or by personal donation. 

Several other Margi not named in the article participate and support the activities of the Ananda Marga Unit Of Denver which is a model of sincerity and cooperation.