Pracar in Central America


Pracar in Central America (Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala)

Guatemala City is located at an altitude of 1500m with comfortable “eternal spring” climate year around. Our jagrti in Colinas de Minerva (Mixco) is 20 minutes drive from the city center where regular meditation classes were started in 2018. Yoga centers where only asanas and physical practices are taught often welcome meditation classes as an addition to their regular activities. Our jagrti has been vacant for several years and would become much improved if we could get support to do some renovation there. If you are interested to help or visit our unit there please contact the sectorial office. The people of Guatemala are warm and friendly and we hope to offer opportunities for spiritual touring in Guatemala in the near future, contact the New York Sectorial Office if you are interested to join.

In January 2019 a weekend retreat for new people was held in Guatemala City with 15 people attending and 11 initiations.
A regular ongoing group meditation for new people was created as follow up.

In February and March, pracar lectures were held in San Salvador with about 30 new people attending each lecture.

New Sadhakas in Esteli
In March 2019, a weekend seminar was organized for new people in the city of Esteli in Nicaragua. Nicaragua has been affected by some turmoil in the last year and now the guidance of Ananda Marga is much needed and appreciated there. It was a very inspiring weekend with 30 people attending our seminar. Brother Pavitram is following up with regular meetings at his residence for the local young progressive people of Esteli. Here is great potential. Any support to help develop activities in Nicaragua will be much appreciated. Please contact the Sectorial Office for more information.

In April a successful weekend retreat was held three hours from Guatemala City, in a beautiful setting at Lake Atitlan which is a popular destination for young international travelers. 15 people attended.

Inspiring Weekend Seminar organized by Brother Pavitram in Esteli City in Nicaragua

Vegetarian Cooking Class in Esteli, Nicaragua

Meditation Class in Guatemala City organized and translated by Brother Devashuddha

Introduction to Meditation in San Salvador city in El Salvador.

Kiirtana during a Meditation Retreat in Guatemala in January 19 and 20, 2019 with Dada Kovid and Didi Ananda Rainjana.

Group photo during the January retreat in Guatemala City

Meditation Class in Guatemala