Proper Intellect


By Shriii Shrii Anandamurti

If Parama Puruśa asks you about your wish to get something, what will be your reply? You should say only one thing – “I want your blessings so that my mind, my intellect, can move along the right path”. Because when the mind is pointed in the proper direction, what is there to ask for? Everything is attained. Human beings meet their downfall due to flaws in their intellect.

Sa no buddhyá shubhayá saḿyunaktu.

It has been said in the Vedas that the creator of this universe is great. My only prayer to Him is to always keep my buddhi (intellect) attached to shubha (blessedness). I want nothing else.

The same thing has been said in the Gáyattrii Mantra in Saḿskrta –

Oṋḿ bhúrbhuvahsvah Oṋḿ tatsaviturvareńyaḿ bhargo devasya dhiimahi dhiyo yo nah pracodayát Oṋḿ.

“We meditate on” – dhiimahi. Why do we meditate on Him? So that He might lead our intellect along the path of righteousness.

This universe is saptalokátmaka, having seven strata – bhuh, bhuvah, svah, mahah, janah, tapah and satya. Its creator is addressed as “Savitá”. “Savitá” means “Progenitor”. Some people wrongly name their daughters “Savitá”. The name of a girl should not be “Savitá”. “Savitá” means “father”, (masculine gender). We meditate on the hallowed divine effulgence of the creator of the seven lokas. Why do we meditate on Him? So that He may lead our intellect (buddhi, medhá) on the right track. “Dhii” means “intellect”, “nah” means “ours” and “pracodayát” means “to goad on the right track”. There should be only one prayer on the part of human beings – that their intellect might be guided along the right path. If the intellect is reformed, everything is attained. If the intellect goes astray, nothing is attained, even by attaining everything.

24 August 1978, Patna