Salt Project in Haiti


From Demeter Russafov – Executive Director of AMURT in Haiti:

Despite the political and social upheavals here in Haiti we have progressed very fast.  We are producing salt in all 31 crystallizers as well as the last 4 condensators extremely fast. All are filled with salt as you’ll see from the video.  This is indeed very good news as this success motivates the producers to continue working at increasing speed.

Demeter Russafov 
Executive Director  I  DESRPI-Haiti  +  AMURT-Haiti  
Universite Quisqueya, Bâtiment H,
218 Ave Jean-Paul II, Haut Turgeau, PaP, Haiti
Cell  (+509) 3311 0664  – 4943 418 I   Office  2230 4316

USAID posted a story on AMURT’s salt initiative as a Twitter thread. status/1001893924137525249