Summer Conference 2022


Ananda Marga New York Sector organized the Summer Conference at Ananda Kanan, Minneapolis Region, from July 1 – 6, 2022. 

I am happy to bring to your kind notice that the retreat was so successfully conducted in many ways. The highlights of the retreat were the young Margiis, brothers, and sisters, who came from different regions of the Sector. Each Margii, brother, and sister participated very enthusiastically and actively. They were encouraged and inspired to attend all the programs during the retreat. The retreat was so enjoyable and blissful, having blissful Kiirtan every day and the natural environment at Ananda Kanan; everyone enjoyed it a lot. 

We joined the 4th of July parade at Willow Springs near Ananda Kanan, carrying Ananda Marga banners, singing Kiirtana, and distributing sweets to the children. The residents of Willow Springs have known Ananda Marga well for the many years that we join this public event. 

This time the theme of the Summer Conference was Master Units. We had a seminar class devoted to Master Units and specific workshops on different aspects of Master Units. A special workshop was organized during the Conference where Margiis and workers presented the work, progress, development, and plans for six Master Units in the Sector. It was a good review that created a better understanding and good cooperation, which will assure future development on a cooperative basis. Other highlights during the Conference were the children’s program, Ananda Mela, the RAWA program, and all the classes and workshops, including one on ideological family development.  

The Summer Conference organizational output was that one brother (Iishvara) was encouraged to become LFT, and five new families and their children were inspired and encouraged to do Baba’s work in the future. The Tandava and Kaosikii competition was vibrant and lively, with many young Margiis. An IRSS, ACB meeting, and various meetings on many levels were successfully conducted. 

This Conference was one of the best in the last six years. The Margiis were so happy, satisfied, and inspired because of the excellent programs & food arrangements, good coordination & accommodation, enjoyable outing program to the nearby river, good care of the Margiis and their children, and an inspiring art program by Sudhiira. Many Margiis participated in the RAWA program and everybody complimented each other, and the Sector appreciated their performance and participation. All margiis felt love, affection, and respect. 

The Sector addressed the Margiis concerns and appreciated their feelings and sincere commitment to Baba’s mission. The Sector has counted everybody as significant who showed up from different corners of the world – all are the sons and daughters of the Cosmic Father, and we have to build a universal brotherhood on the planet. After the Conference, all Margii brothers and sisters left Ananda Kanan full of bliss, blessings, and appreciation for their respective fields for further work of Baba’s mission. 

I wish all the best to all brothers and sisters who participated and lent a hand of cooperation for Baba’s mission by being physically present at Ananda Kanan 2022 in the New York Sector. It was a great support that will not be forgotten in the future as currently, the entire world is facing a tough time managing health, emotions, and all other responsibilities. Ananda Marga New York Sector is committed to giving better service and taking care of Margiis’ health through different programs scheduled and designed by Baba to enhance the various departments. We want to create momentum in the Sector to manage all projects established by Margii brothers and sisters and Dadas and Didis long before. 

May Baba bless you all, brothers and sisters, and your responsibilities. I am looking forward to seeing you in the future.

Acarya Abhiramananda Avadhuta,
Sectorial Secretary of AMPS NY Sector

The children appreciated the bonfire on the last evening.
At Willow Springs on 4th of July
Fun activities during the closing ceremony.
Brother Nityananda during the outing by the river
Collective photo by the river during the outing
Nityananda and Ainjali
The children enjoyed the face painting and role playing during the Ananda Mela
The children and Margiis created a short movie together
Painting workshop by Sudhiira
RAWA Evening – Bhangra Dance. Everyone enjoyed this collective demonstration of dance led by sister Saomya
Awards during the closing ceremony
Puddy cat was the favorite of the kids