Winter Retreat at Ananda Vrati, Pennsylvania


Welcome to the Winter Retreat 2024 at Ananda Vrati Master Unit, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Region, from December 28, 2023, to January 1, 2024.

The Winter Retreat is traditionally a very spiritually charged program, and this year, we will have daily Akhanda Kiirtana and dance in bliss into the New Year of 2024. Apart from Kiirtana, we will find time for walks, socializing, profound and joyful classes and workshops, and delicious Sattvik food.

Winter Retreat Highlights

  • Daily Akhanda Kiirtan
  • Celebrate New Year with your Spiritual Family!
  • Fun games and workshops
  • Classes on spiritual topics
  • Time for social interactions
  • Delicious Sattvik vegetarian food
  • Enjoy walks and activities in the beautiful nature around Ananda Dhiira.

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