Acarya Cirananda Avadhuta visiting Morelia


The visit of Acarya Cirananda Avadhuta to Morelia in Mexico is particularly auspicious for this important town in the state of Michoacan. The unit of Morelia have responded by organizing several events and lectures for Dada who spoke about Yoga, Meditation and also the practical aspects of living on this planet earth.


Most acaryas of Ananda Marga have found Morelia one of the best places for propagating the ideology of self-realization and service to humanity which represents the essence of Ananda Marga.


Dadaji received media attention recently in Monterrey. On 15th of February Dadaji had an interview in TV Nuevo Leon    where he explained about  the benefit of  practicing meditation. Below is the picture during the interview.

Acarya Cirananda Avadhuta interviewed in Nuevo Leon