After-school Program at New York Sectorial Office


Dada Kovid is managing the after-school program at New York Sectorial Office. They currently have seven children enrolled. Dada picks the children up at the nearby primary school, and they walk together to our school. The children receive support with the homework and sometimes additional reading and can also play inside or outside in the backyard. They don’t have homework on Fridays, and we often get volunteers to lead some extra-curricular activities, such as baking, art, soccer, and basketball. They have also had field trips to nearby parks and playfields.  

The after-school program is constantly developing. Recently, we have received good support from local Margii public school teachers who joined our school advisory board. Thanks to Mohan, Dev, Prema, Anima, and Devika.

Most of the Pandemic restrictions have been lifted, and the New York Sectorial Office has again vibrant Dharma Cakras with an increasing number of new Margiis.

Dada Satyamitrananda came to New York for the RDS and gave an inspirational talk

The kids making and enjoying pizza on a Friday

One of the boys proudly holding his homemade pizza

Brother Mohan and the kids playing basketball in the backyard of the school

The kids went one Friday to Central Park and got a chance to climb the rocks there.

Brother Madhuvrata (right) was initiated in 2019. Now he is taking LFT training in the Sectorial Office and working in the after-school.