Ananda Marga in Los Angeles Feeding Program


For the last 13 years, we have been running a feeding program from our Los Angeles Jagriti grounds. Ananda Marga signed a contract with the Government representatives of the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank. This institution serves 2 million meals every week and moves 100 tones of food every day. We have signed up for the Federal assistance program, which helps low-income families and gives assistance to children, and the Senior program, also known as the brown bag program. We are serving 80 to 100 families on Thursdays and between 100 and 120 seniors every Friday with various foods, from produce to pastries, bread, canned foods, and frozen food. In all, we collected between four to six tons of food weekly, depending on the type of item. All in all, we have been serving 2000 people monthly from the neighborhood and different areas of Los Angeles, including Korea town, mid-city, Country club, and Wilshire Blvd. areas, also random areas further away.
Recently, the Foodbank gave us recognition as the best agency for December 2021 and an award for our non-stop work during these 21 months of the pandemic. As it turns out, our Agency, Ananda Marga of Los Angeles, is one of the few Agencies that did not stop the service programs a single week during these trying times. The Foodbank has acknowledged our risk-taking and efforts to support the poor in our community and the homeless. The 25 volunteers have worked tirelessly in the service project and helped make it possible. I thank the opportunity to serve humanity in this way, attending in part to their basic needs, alleviating and making their struggling lives less burdensome for them and their children. Ac. Mukt’am’ananda Avt.

People line up to receive the food donation, and a volunteer at the gate registers their names.
Dada Muktatmananda preparing pomegranate juice for distributing. The trees in the backyard are giving fruits every year – pomegranate, guava, blood orange, and orange.
Vaccination camp in Los Angeles Jagrti backyard.
The bathroom and back entrance of the Los Angeles Jagrti needed a complete renovation. Dada Pramoditananda helped with a large portion of the work and hired workers did the rest.
On Sunday mornings, Dada Muktatmananda and a small team of volunteers distribute food to the homeless at the Skidrow downtown Los Angeles area. Due to the Pandemic, the food donations needed to be packed up and quickly distributed from the van to prevent the spread of the Covid19.