New York Sectorial Office Afterschool Program


Acarya Kovid Brahmacarii (RS Boston and LA) is taking care of the NY Sectorial Office Afterschool Program with the help of LFT Brother Asiim and the supervision of Ac. Abhiramananda Avt. (SSNY)

The good news from the Sectorial Office is that in the fall of 2021, our after-school program reopened for children (K-5) from nearby public schools. Children are being picked up at their public schools and then spend the afternoon at our location until the parents pick them up after work. We provide the children with sentient food, homework assistance, and various playful activities, giving them a fun and supportive environment to nurture their development. With help from margiis and benefactors, we hope to continuously improve the program in terms of facilities, equipment, learning materials, etc. We aim to be a haven of love, encouragement, and fun, offering hands-on activities and playtime to balance long hours of academic lessons at the desks in public schools. We can confidently say that the kids enjoy our program. Still, we must invite new ideas to enrich the program further, and we are thankful for any support, be it donations or other contributions. Thanks to pracar and LFT training during the pandemic, we also gained valuable helping hands in providing the best possible service to the children. We are learning day by day, and so are the kids. The after-school program is also an excellent and enjoyable way to engage new volunteers in service and thereby accelerating their personal growth in an environment that inspires them to balance their work with the practice of meditation.