Ananda Vanii – New Year 2017

Ananda Vanii
New Year 2017
You are never helpless, never alone. You are always with Him and so you should never entertain pessimism or any inferiority complex.
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
(Origin: AVM second part, chapter —“The Role of The Cognitive Faculty)

Ananda Vanii (Spanish)
Año Nuevo 2017

Nunca están desprotegidos, nunca están solos. Siempre están con Él, por lo tanto jamás deben ser pesimistas ni tener ningún complejo de inferioridad.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

(Origen: AVM segunda parte, capítulo: —“El rol de la Facultad Cognitiva).

Ananda Vanii
Nouvel An 2017 (French)

Tu n’es jamais impuissant, jamais seul. Tu es toujours avec Lui et par conséquent tu ne dois jamais tomber dans le pessimisme ou entretenir quelque complexe d’infériorité que ce soit.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Ananda Vanii
Ano Novo de 2017 (Portuguese)

Você nunca está só nem desamparado. Sempre está com Ele, por isso, nunca deve alimentar o pessimismo ou qualquer complexo de inferioridade.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

(Extraído de: Ananda Vacanamrtam, parte 2, capítulo —“O papel da Faculdade Cognitiva”)

Ananda Vanii

Non siete mai soli o senza aiuto. Siete sempre con Lui e dunque non dovete mai nutrire del pessimismo o alcun complesso di inferiorità

(Italian) Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Ананда Вані
Ви ніколи не безпорадні, ви ніколи не самотні. Він завжди з вами,
і тому ви ніколи не повинні піддаватися песимізму
або комплексу неповноцінності.

(Ukrainian) Шрі Шрі Анандамуртіджі

Ánanda Vánii

Du bist nie hilflos, nie alleine. Du bist immer bei Ihm, und deshalb solltest du nie Pessimismus oder irgendeinen Minderwertigkeitskomplex hegen.

(German) Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Ánanda Vánii

Du er aldri hjelpeløs, aldri alene. Du er alltid med ham også du bør aldri underholde pessimisme eller et mindreverdighets kompleks.

(Norwegian) Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Ánanda Vánii

Je bent nooit hulpeloos, nooit alleen. Je bent altijd verbonden met Hem, en daarom zou je nooit gevoelens van pessimism en minderwaardigheid moet en koesteren.

(Dutch) Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Ánanda Vánii

Þú ert aldrei hjálparvana, aldrei einn/ein. Þú ert alltaf með Honum og ættir því aldrei að leyfa svartsýni eða minnimáttarkennd að vaxa.

(Icelandic) Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

The Role of the Cognitive Faculty by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

The Cognitive Faculty is the Supreme Subjectivity, and all other entities are His objects. Nothing remains secret or unknown or unseen for Him. You can not do anything secretly. You can not even think anything secretly. And as you know, human sadhana is a movement from electronic imperfection to nuclear perfection. So, everything in the universe, anything and everything, is just like electrons moving round Him. It may be a big elephant or it may be a small ant, there remains no difference for Him. All are His loving children.

 Sama pluśina sama mashakena sama nágena samaebhistribhirlokaeh.

“Sama pluśina” – You may say this insect is a very small insect. It is plusin, that is, a white ant, an insignificant creature. “Sama mashakena” – mashaka means “mosquito”. He has the same love, the same attraction or He attaches the same importance to a mosquito also. A mosquito is a very small creature. “Sama nágena” – He has the same love, the same importance for nága also. What is the meaning of nága? There are three meanings of nága in Saḿskrta. One meaning is “python” – a big snake. Another meaning is “aerávata”, that is, mammoth in English. There are several other meanings also. Nága means pertaining to hills. “Sama ebhistribhih lokaeh” – the same importance, same attachment, same love is for the entire tribhuvana. Tribhuvana means the expressed world, the psychic world and the astral world or, you may say, Causal World.
He sees everything. He feels everything. Nothing remains unseen or unfelt. His position is just like a clandestine light. Now, when the focus is on the stage you will see so many things happening on the stage – an actor is acting, a dancer is dancing and so many things are happening on the stage and that clandestine light sees everything, all the happenings. Similarly, whatever you do, whatever you think, whatever you smell, whatever you taste, He sees, He witnesses everything and when nothing happens on the stage, that is, there is neither any actor nor any dancer nor any singer on the stage then that clandestine light also sees that vacuum. It is also witnessing the fact that nothing is happening on the stage. Similarly when you do nothing – when you are suspended in your causal body or in your samanya deha then you do nothing – even that stage of yours is witnessed by Him. Similarly, when you are not in a position to do anything or think, smell or taste, He witnesses that also. So, you are closely associated, closely related to Him and He is closely related to you. You are never helpless, never alone. You are always with Him and so you should never entertain pessimism or any inferiority complex.

29 September 1978, Patna