Safe Place Network – Helping Homeless Under a Roof


Safe Place Network is a solidarity framework for providing safe and welcoming places to those who need most. Charity can be done in many different ways but Safe Place Network emphasis direct contact and sharing. SPN wishes to remove or diminish the gap between giver and receiver of service by making it a familiar affair in a homely setting.


The idea to have a sign on a building designated as a safe place is not new but with SPN that sign can virtually be anywhere there is a home with a host available for a warm welcome. There are already several hospitality networks and Safe Place Network can be included as a day time casual hospitality network.

Julianne Frankhouser stands at the front door of Resting Place, a transition home for young


Hospitality is part of human culture. It is considered sacred in certain places where the guest is received as messenger of God . In those places a warm plate of food is always cooked extra in the eventuality that such guest appears at the door unannounced. Today the opportunity to give rest and refreshments to a person or a family in distress is becoming greater and greater. Thousands of homeless people are there and potentially more will be in the same condition. Virtually any initiative can help and SPN wishes to be one of them.


We need your help to start building the network. We need volunteers able to go visiting their neighbors and promoting the idea. Safe Place is not only for the homeless, it is for anyone is in need at any given time. In the past churches used to be open to anybody and able to give shelter to those in need. Today … we have to extend and expand our horizons and make any home a place for God . This is the purpose, scope and mission of Safe Place Network.

These card-board homeless people made by artist Michael Aaron Williams have been popping up in several city’s over the last years.


CONTACT: Ananda Marga of  Los Altos Hills – dadavima at yahoo dot com

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