India Day Parade in New York and New Jersey


The India Day Parade was conducted in Manhattan, New York, on August 20, 2023. It is considered the largest parade outside India and brings together thousands of members of the Indian Diaspora for one of the biggest cultural extravaganzas in New York City.
Ananda Marga participated in the Manhattan parade as well as a parade in New Jersey on August 27 and had a booth (stall) for displaying Ananda Marga’s books and honey from Ananda Kalpataru. Hundreds of people visited the Ananda Marga stall, and the Acaryas made many friends and connections.

Ananda Marga with the World Yoga Community during the Manhattan parade.

Ac. Abhiramananda Avt. with some of the guests of honor in the New Jersey parade.

The Ananda Marga booth at the New Jersey parade