Rising Sun – January 2017



Women Proutists of New York Sector is excited to send out the January, 2017 Rising Sun. Please go to our website,www.proutwomen.org, or download it from the attachment.

Check out articles on “Three-Tiered Economy” by Mark Friedman, the “Standing with Standing Rock Water Protectors”  by Mirra Price, “Purchasing Capacity” by John Gross, our regular columns, and a new column, “Women Stepping Forward” by Jyoti Wind in which she interviews a woman who was at Standing Rock, and is a member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe.

Of special interest, too, is Satya Tanner’s leadership column in which she discusses “Neohumanist leadership in the Trump Era”. We have also added a new feature—”News of Sisters Around the Sector and Beyond”.

Please send feedback to womenproutists@gmail.com We love to hear from you.

Love and light in the new year,


Mirra Price

Always ask the turtle. People who are experiencing a problem are the ones who know the solution. And imposing it from way up above doesn’t usually work. Gloria Steinem