Seminars in Vancouver and Calgary


Successful Seminars in Vancouver and Calgary

Dada Shiilabhadrananda, newly posted Sectorial SB/PCAP Secretary for the NY Sector, has an additional duty as RS Vancouver. From August to September, he visited Vancouver and Calgary for one month, where he conducted 2nd phase diocese seminars. In Vancouver, 12 Margiis attended the one-day seminar. Dada met some of these Margiis for the first time since his last visit to Vancouver as an LFT in 1974!

In Calgary, Dada gave the seminar in the Judith Ulbach Library. No acarya has visited Calgary for many months, so Margiis were happy to enjoy Satsang and spiritual knowledge from the seminar classes. Five Margiis attended the seminar in Calgary. The Margiis are also seriously trying to find a suitable Jagrti to buy, which would enable many activities for Margiis and non-Margiis alike. On Dada’s next visit in late October, he plans to do classes in both cities to create new Margiis and sympathizers.

Seminar in Denver

Meanwhile, a one-day seminar in Denver took place on August 27, both in person and online. Five Margiis attended the seminar, jointly given by Dada and Sectorial PWSA Secretary Didi Ananda Aparajiita. In other developments, a drop-in beginner’s meditation class begins in the Jagrti on October 17. It is being promoted with the help of a new signboard on the porch of the Denver Jagrti and advertisements in popular social media venues in Denver.

Fifty homeless persons received a Sadabrata lunch outside the Lawrence Street Rescue Mission shelter in central Denver. Thanks to Arun and Mahajyoti for the financial support and Sudama for the transportation to the Sadabrata site.

Collective meal after Dharma Cakra in Vancouver

New sign for Denver Jagrti – a new beginning for pracar there.

Dada Shiilabhadrananda leading Sadavrata (serving food to the poor and homeless) in Denver

Aarati (left), Dada Shiilabhadrananda and Margiis and new people in Calgary, Canada