Online Summer Conference 2021


The Online Summer Conference of Ananda Marga in the New York Sector took place from Tuesday, June 29, to Sunday, July 4, 2021.

This Summer Conference theme was the Centennial Celebration of the birth of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. The classes covered many of the main contributions of Ananda Marga to humanity, such as Neohumanism, spiritual practices, and PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory.) The conference’s online platform allowed learning from many of our leading Ananda Marga contributors, Margiis, and Acaryas, from different parts of the globe. Dada Svarupananda ji shared some Baba stories from the early days of Ananda Marga. On the second day, we had a very devotional Katha Kiirtana, with many Margiis and Acaryas sharing their experiences with Baba in person and after his physical departure. The third day (July 1) was dedicated to PROUT. The participants enjoyed the following presentations: Prout and Society by Brother Madhusudhan, Prout and Economics by Dada Vimalananda, What Is and Who is a Sadvipra? by Brother Manish, Q&A by Sister Devika, and Cooperative Housing by Ac. Dhruva. In the evening, we had a RAWA Program with performances of dances, Prabhata Samgiita, poetry, drama, and other artistic creations by Margiis, Margii children, and friends of Ananda Marga.
On the fourth day (July 2), Dada Shiilabhadrananda Dada gave an excellent presentation of Baba’s contributions to humanity titled Shrii Shrii Anandamurti: The Renaissance Man. Dada gave an overview of Baba’s unique contributions in the field of spirituality, economics, linguistics, psychology, etc.
Didi Ananda Rainjana also gave a class titled Love for All, where she explained neohumanism and how we can change the world by adopting universal love. In the afternoon, we had Akhanda Kiirtana and afterward viewed the new documentary, The Life and Legacy of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti by Dada Gunamuktananda. The documentary was very devotional and covered Baba’s entire life from his birth until his departure.
On the fifth day, Saturday, July 3, we had a packed schedule from morning to evening with spiritual programs, classes, and workshops. In the morning, Dada Rudranandaji gave a talk titled Baba’s Vision and Mission. Dadaji gave many profound insights into Baba’s vision and the future of our Mission. Dada Diiptimanananda presented the recent developments in the Sector.

Didi Ananda Radhika (SGV), introduced the role of WWD in society. Brother Sudhiira led the workshop, Art through the Eyes of the Meditator, Dada Muktatmananda gave a class on spiritual topics, and Dada Satyamitrananda interviewed Acarya Dhanjoo Ghista about the future of education. We had a beautiful RAWA program with performances from different parts of the New York Sector in the evening.

Sunday, July 4, the sixth and last day, was a shorter program with Sadhana Shivir in the morning and a closing ceremony with some RAWA performances. This online event was well appreciated and attended by more than two hundred people. Thanks to everyone for their contributions to making it a reality!

Dada Satyamitrananda interviewed Acarya Dhanjoo Ghista about education in the context of the Pandemic.

Sister Lalita from Staten Island performed Prabhata Samgiita and accompanied herself on electric piano. She was also part of the organizing team of the RAWA events.

Zoom Collective Photo!

Brother Nirmal and brother Iishvara read from a children’s book written and illustrated by brother Iishvara.

Screenshot from one of the presentations about Baba’s life and teachings