Updates from Ananda Marga in Guatemala City


A new flow has started in the Guatemala City unit. Dada Satyamitrananda and Tattvika Dada Ananda have worked hard in the last months to improve the Jagrti and do pracar. 

Akhanda Kiirtans and seminar was conducted in February. On 10 March, the BP election was held, and brother Tapeshwara was elected as the new BP. The same day the new BP committee was selected, and several programs, pracar, and service activities are planned in the near future. The margiis are excited and looking forward to getting started. 

Recently, the Jagrti has been under renovation. In December, a new water tank was installed, and in February, the roof and ceiling beams were repaired. Bathrooms are being painted, and new tiles are installed. Propper gutters and drainage systems have been installed. 

Everyone is welcome to visit us if you happen to be in Guatemala ☺