New Postings


We welcome Didi Ananda Radhika and Dada Shiilabhadrananda to the Sector! Having them will be a great boon for New York Sector, and we wish them all the best in their work.
Avadhutika Ananda Radhika Acarya, posted as GV (Girls Volunteer) Sectorial, recently arrived in the Sector two months back. She has visited Dallas and Columbus and attended the Spring Retreat so far. Didi has started working on organizing group meetings and yoga classes.
Ac. Shiilabhadrananda Avt. was posted in New York Sector in March 2023 as Society Building and PCAP Secretary and RS Vancouver. Dada stayed in Canada during the Pandemic and helped with various Pracar and Ananda Kanak Master Unit activities. Dada will be joining us for the Summer Conference at Ananda Kanan.

Ac. Shiilabhdrananda Avt. (SB/PCAP/RS Vancouver)