Glorious India – Exhibition in New Jersey – Ananda Marga


Ananda Marga is participating with an exhibition booth to the Glorious India two days Expo. Acarya Abhiramananda Avadhuta and Acarya Anudhyananda Avadhuta are representing Ananda Marga together with Mr. and Mrs. Sahani. Special guest is Dr. Ravi Batra at the inauguration of the Expo and at our Ananda Marga booth.

The Expo was a great opportunity for bringing Ananda Marga in contact with a greater audience of young and mature people. The free meditation offer allowed a few people to receive instructions in Ananda Marga Meditation. Ananda Marga was the only Yoga or Religious organization present although the “Glorious India” title of the Expo could have reminded that Yoga and all the spiritual traditions stemming from the Tantras and the Vedas are part of the most illustrious heritage and contribution to humanity of the Great India.