Sad News

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Acarya Ramananda Avadhuta left his mortal body yesterday midnight. It is a know fact that ” which Cometh, Goeth also”. Indeed we have lost a jewel in him. He was a dedicated soldier of Ananda Marga and a master in carrying & managing relief operations through AMURT globally. Even in the later years of his life, his age and health condition never stopped him in working for His mission. I also had the privilege of working with him in field work and he has always been an inspiration. My two memorable occasion with him were: firstly, after the relief work in super cyclone of Orissa, when AMURT received Biju Patnaik Gold Seva Chakra amongst hundreds of NGOs, Ramanandaji was very happy with the relief work and secondly, his efforts in mobilising the relief work during Gujarat earthquake were extraordinary and commendable.

He will always have a respectable place in the history of Ananda Marga. His loss is irreparable. Certainly BABA has taken him into His lap.
Always in His Service
Ac. Nirmohananda Avadhuta