Ananda Dham Master Unit in California


by Acarya Vimaleshananda Avadhuta

When I arrived at Ananda Dham Master Unit on July 18 I thought it would impossible to have communication like internet. Ten days after I can relax at the computer sitting at the table in the living room of the master unit and writing about the experience considering all the little miracles that happened in such a short time.


I never had a dog and this is a great experience for a person who as a kid was denied to have a pet. Coco is a pointer with a very mild temperament. She kept distance barking in slow tone when we arrived at the master unit considering that we were intruders. She likes to be fed cooked food and I don’t mind to share my food with her.

coco and cactus

Everyday early morning I go out and water the plants as the sun is going to burn the soil. Everyday something special happens. A small discovery that will mark the day. A small flower that seems to be present only in the morning. A beautiful cactus flower who is full of bees coming from a nearby farm. A grape tree that resisted the water less environment and carries tiny grapes. A letter in the mailbox from Star who is living in the Jagrti of Los Angeles and he is well wishing the endeavor to revive the Master Unit.

coco best

Today Kalyan came and installed the washing machine. He lives with Asiima in a small town nearby. He brought me fruits and sweet potatoes. The visit was no more than 15 minutes long and then he dashed to work. But to have a washing machine is another dream coming true. I can do the laundry with all the bed sheets that were in the rooms. The house offers hospitality with 12 beds in four rooms and we have three bathrooms. Aldo repaired the one that was leaking and he was taking care of the garden when nobody was here. Due to him there are fresh zucchini in the garden and most important the inspiration to plant more.


So everybody is invited for the first Akhanda Kiirtan in program on August 7th at 9 am. This was the first desire when I arrived. To have again Akhanda Kiirtan as it used to happen every month at the time that Dada Gananathananda was here taking care of the peach farm and of the volunteers that where coming to help him. Fermin is the father of Aldo and Dada Gananathananda saved his life. Due to him the master unit has been taken care in his absence making appear that somebody was living here.

cactus flower

I suppose to make a project for Ananda Dham but the project is already there with 50 raised beds waiting for plants to be cultivated, two green houses and plenty field space to grow fruit trees or crops. The irrigation system is a bit in disarray but it can be repaired. Most needed are people willing to enjoy working outside and being happy with the fruits of the land. I am one of them.

tiny flower