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Good News from Ananda Kanan, Master Unit

Recently, a unique event was hosted by Ananda Kanan in partnership with Heartland Art Club from St. Louis. It was called SOAR (Scenic Ozarks Artist Retreat), and the purpose was to bring together artists to share ideas and support each other's growth as artists. Twenty-seven artists from around the region attended and were led by five mentors- established artists who agreed to make themselves available for consultation and advice. Most of the time, artists see each other at events where we are competing against each other for awards and sales. This was different- we were there to learn from and support each other, and the feeling of mutual respect and camaraderie was appreciated by all.

The original idea was to meet at Ananda Kanan, then travel to a local beauty spot (Alley Spring) and paint outdoors. The weather had other plans, and we were forced to work indoors in the dining hall, which helped us all feel closer and made sharing and learning easier. In the evenings, after dinner, we met upstairs in the newly created Renaissance Gallery space and further shared our thoughts and experiences. I think it is safe to say that the event was a tremendous success on all levels- from artist camaraderie to the food and facilities. Everyone left, talking about how soon we could do this again. That is my goal for next year - to have more events like this one, which fulfill the purpose of Ananda Kanan, to be a place of learning and personal growth.

Video on Facebook from the Event:









































Acarya Diiptimanananda Avadhuta is coordinating with Brother Sudhiira to maintain the Ananda Kanan Master Unit. The houses at Ananda Kanan were mainly built in the 1980s, and by now, we have major maintenance coming up on all of them, including roof repairs, putting new shingles on the roofs, replacing windows that have dry rot, painting, and fixing or replacing the siding.
Some major renovations on the Family Dorm have been started this autumn. Funds are short at Ananda Kanan, and donations are very welcome.

Donations can be sent directly by Zelle or PayPal to or by check to:

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