Ananda Marga New York Sectorial Office


Activities in New York Sectorial office located at 149-02 Melbourne Ave in Flushing, NY are increasing creating a very congenial atmosphere for more meditation and service. The after school program opened last year has seen an increase in the number of students which is now 39. The program is very successful helping low income families to get top quality after school programs at a very affordable cost.

Recently a new program has been launched for helping people with natural health and diet. It is a weekend program which includes juice fasting and nutritional classes for those who wish to embrace a more healthy and happy life style. The program is scheduled to run every month and new locations will be added soon.

In the latest meeting of dedicated workers of Ananda Marga in New York Sector monks and nuns had the opportunity to meet after three months of intensive work in their respective fields. In the picture from the left Avtka Ananda Rupadhara Ac. , Avtka Ananda Sutiirtha Ac. , Brc. Candrakanta who recently joined New York Sector , Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt. , Ac. Sarvajiitananda Avt. , Ac. Shankarananda Avt. , Ac. Parinirvanananda Avt. , Ac. Iishvarakrsnananda Avt. , Ac. Diiptimananda Avt. and Ac. Abhiramananda Avt. Sectorial Secretary of Ananda Marga in New York Sector.

In the images below a few of the special moments during the different programs in Sectorial Office: