Ananda Marga Spiritual Conference photo slideshow and summary


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Namaskar!

I want to thank everyone that made the retreat this summer at Ananda Kanan successful by their participation, service and sacrifice. I have combined the best photographs that I had available into a slide show and uploaded on YouTube where you can see it with the link below. And here is also a short summary writing about the conference.

Ananda Marga Spiritual Conference was held at Ananda Kanan from July 2 – 7, 2017 with increased participation from last year. The weather very good with sun alternating with rain showers that cooled and added freshness to the air.

The first two days of the retreat were dedicated to Ananda Marga seminar. Ac. Rudrananda Avt. was Central Representative and Trainer and gave seminar classes on discourses by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji “The Intuitional Science of the Vedas – 2” and “Intuitional Practice and Its Necessity.”  He explained vividly the history of the Vedas and went further into the topics, relating the philosophy to our spiritual life. The classes ended with Question and Answer session where the Margiis used the chance to ask many deep questions about spirituality and spiritual practice. Ac. Savitananda Avt.  (SG SDM) gave a class on Decentralized Economy, clearly giving insights how PROUT can give solutions to all our economic and social problems we are facing.

A special program for the departments, trades and their optees was designed for strengthening the structure of the Sector. The Margiis and WTs contributed their ideas and work and envisioned the future development of their respective department. Afterwards, everyone met again and presented in front of the Central Representative their reports. The Margiis were enthusiastic and inspired to do the work of Baba in the Sector. The organizational review was successfully conducted and everyone was appreciating.

On 4th of July we joined the parade in Willow Springs and in the afternoon we had classes given by Ac. Muktatmananda Avt. and Ac. Shiilabhadrananda Avt. (PRS HK Sector). Dada Muktatmananda’s class title was “The Four Dimensions and the Pinnacle Order” and he spoke about the psycho-physical longing concerning inborn instinct; the psycho-physical longing concerning non-inborn instinct; the psychic longing for psychic pabulum; and longings concerned with apexed psychology. Dada Shiilabhadrananda gave a class on “The Emergence of Ananda Marga on the Planet Earth.” He spoke about the decline of monolithic power structures and the emergence of the importance of common people’s lives: Neo-humanism. He spoke also about the collective spiritual awakening of humanity and the establishment of God-centered philosophy.

In the evening there was a very nice Katha Kiirtana where the devotees shared their stories.

Ananda Mela was a fun morning program with games and fun for everybody including canoe racing, basketball, volleyball and egg racing (that for vegetarians has been re-framed as ping pong ball racing), traditional tug of war, and a kaosiiki competition. Young and elderly joined together in the programs.

On the afternoon of July 5 we had presentation of the projects and good news of the Sector. Ac. Pashupati presented the AMURT work in Haiti, Jiivanmukta presented recent fruit and nut tree plantation in Ananda Arpana Master Unit and Margiis, Dadas and Didis presented their projects and pracar for the last six months.

The RAWA evening program was very successful. Among the many outstanding performances were beautiful Swedish song by Shonalii, a Russian song by sister Lyubov, a dance performance by sister Lorena, poetry, Prabhata Samgiita songs, and spontaneous portrait drawing by Jyudhisthira.

On the last day evening during the closing ceremony, awards were given for the excellent contributions of Margiis and Acaryas for service and the development of the Sector last six months.

The RDS (meetings of the WTs), Summer Conference and the progress of the Sector are moving ahead under the guidance of Ac. Abhiramananda Avadhuta, SS NY Sector and his team.

Yours brotherly,

Ácárya Diiptimanánanda Avadhúta
Sectorial Office Secretary (SOS) of Ananda Marga in New York Sector

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