Didis Tour in Central America


Didi Ananda Kalyanmitra and Didi Ananda Aparajiita are mostly working in Mexico for the last six months but recently went on tour to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. During their journey, they gave classes and workshops in various yoga centers, companies, cultural centers, and schools.  Didi Ananda Kalyanmitra shares her experience on this pracar tour.

Didi Ananda Aparajiita and I went to visit for the first time to Nicaragua, and we spent our time in the small city of Estelí. The couple that hosted us organized classes for each night of our stay. It was a big group of friends and all artists, so we had interesting discussions on spirituality going on.

Estelí, Nicaragua
Didis visit Aganorsa Leaf Cigar Factory in Nicaragua

During our stay, we gave a class about spirituality to a group of workers from one of the many cigar factories in Estelí. The Aganorsa Leaf Cigar Factory has hundreds of workers, and we had some interested in discussing spirituality. After the class, we had a tour around the Factory, and they showed us all the different stages for making a cigar: from drying the leaves to selecting according to type, assembling, packaging, etc. People were curious about our teachings and very welcoming.

At YOCI (Yoga y Cultura Integral Center)


Fernando Salinas manages the YOCI (Yoga y Cultura Integral Center) and invited us to give a class on Dhyana. He belongs to a huge group called A.U.M. (Acción por la Unidad Mundial – Action for worldly unity.) They promote spiritual development, universal compassion, and selfless service to humanity. He gave us the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with some of his students.

On the second trip to El Salvador, thanks to my initiated sister, we gave several classes on Yoga Psychology and Ananda Marga philosophy to her students. The classes were well received, with students well versed in Yoga Pantanjali and other philosophies.

On our last day in San Salvador, one of the Margiis put us in touch with an old margii. We visited him and his wife in Santa Ana, and we did Dharma Cakra.