Good News from Bangladesh relief work


AMURT and  its local partners in Bangladesh under the auspices of
the Bangladesh ministry of health, has provided vaccinations against
Diphtheria to more than 142,800 Rohingya refugee children and 30,938
children from the nearby Bangladesh host community.
In total 172,738 children have been reached with life-saving vaccines.

The Diphtheria vaccination campaign consists of
three rounds of vaccinations with appropriate cooling down periods in
between. Together with early detection and effective treatment, the
vaccinations have successfully arrested the Diphtheria outbreak
sweeping the Rohingya camps since December 2017. As the Rohingya did
not have adequate access to public health services in Myanmar and are
largely without immunization, they have also been given vaccines
against the most common types of diseases threatening the lives of
children in refugee camps such as Measles, Rubella, Tetanus, Whooping
Cough among others. The local health officials thanked AMURT and other
organizations active in the Rohingya vaccination drive as it had
increased their reach tenfold and successfully protected the newly
arrived Rohingya and local children from the most prevalent and
dangerous diseases.

In order to maintain a child rights sensitive vaccination campaign,
AMURT conducted a series of seminars for 312 volunteers and vaccinators
from various organizations on child rights and its role in
health-related interventions.

AMURT activities in the coming months include the opening of Child
Protection Hubs in newly established safe extension camps for new
refugee arrivals and other Rohingya families transferred from areas at
risk of floods and landslides. These Protection hubs will provide
Child-Friendly Spaces, Psycho-Social support, mental health services
and Protection related case-management and referrals to other