Inauguration of Ananda Marga School in New York


On March 7 2017 a new school of Ananda Marga has been opened and already ten kids are enrolled . Ananda Marga has adopted an after school program created by LEAD – a non-profit organization striving to provide the best after-school learning at an affordable price.

At the celebration were present Ananda Marga senior monks, teachers and board members of LEAD, students and parents, sponsors and sympathizers. The event spanned over the all afternoon and evening creating a very blissful atmosphere.

Four kids were and two parents came and enjoyed playing under the supervision of LFT  Tanmaya who will take care of the school together with Andrew Lee – co-founder of LEAD after-school program. In the evening the whole Board of LEAD assisted to a presentation of Ananda Marga activities and Rev. Thomas Lee – co-founder of LEAD presented a vision for working together with Ananda Marga in opening more schools in New York, USA and Americas.

Ananda Marga Sectorial Secretary Acarya Abhiramananda Avadhuta inspired words recognized the effort of everybody resonated with the ideals of Ananda Marga which are expressed in the motto “Self-Realization and Service to All”. The celebration ended with a price distribution to the Board members of LEAD.

In the picture below Acarya Abhiramananda Avadhuta with two of the students of the school.