Microvita: are they the missing link between Consciousness and Nature?


by Acarya Vimaleshananda Avadhuta

It has been a trend of thoughts that lead me to this quite composite question. The idea that Consciousness and Nature communicate through Microvita. Here we are talking about three terms that are quite vast in interpretation according to different schools of spiritual thought or philosophies. Consciousness, Nature and Microvita. The last term is for sure the most unusual or uncommon in philosophical discussions as  it has been introduced by the philosopher Shrii P.R. Sarkar in 1986 and since then there has been a search for Microvita and the formulation of different theories and methodologies for their study.

While the study of nature has proceeded very well today forming what is known as science, Consciousness has been taken as a field of study only very recently. Research on meditation has been conducted in several academic circles and places in order to bring  it in the scientific field of exploration. Several people has been plugged to complicated wave analyzers while doing meditation discovering the different areas of the brain which are getting excited or stimulated.

The thesis that I wish to put forward is that consciousness as it is immaterial cannot be studied in a physical setting or medium. The nature of Consciousness is beyond matter and even beyond nature. In my opinion only sadhana or meditation can help to get Consciousness in the field of science by discovering and analyzing the missing link between Consciousness and nature which are Microvita.

Why the leaves of the trees spring off almost at the same time making the trees dressed of green almost overnight? Who is telling them to dress up all at the same time? Microvita. It is Microvita that communicate at instant time frame “wake up” “it is time to get out and enjoy the sun”.

In nature there has been several non linear processes that suggest the idea of subtle entities who link Nature with Consciousness. Nature is by itself a conscious entity otherwise it would be called matter and not nature. The law abiding to matter are not the same abiding to Nature. For example it is known that in chemistry any reaction happens with a certain probability. It is not an absolute condition. Maybe 90% of the time the reaction happens and another 10% inexplicably the reaction does not happen. Why? Because the Microvita level in the components might be different. It is not only a matter of purity of the component. It is a matter of “charge” or we can say “vitality” of the chemical compound. We have to logically conclude that a chemical compound is not just matter. There is something else that make it behave as Nature – always changing. Change is the basic fundamental law of Nature and it does not apply to matter as we know it. In matter we look for replication and equality of conditions. In Nature not a single atom or molecule is exactly the same.

So this is the beauty of nature and how it differs from matter. Subtle Microvita cannot come under the scrutiny of the most powerful microscope. As a matter of inference if not observation by highly conceptualized minds, Microvita can be very big and also very small. So it is not the size that makes them invisible. They defy the traditional laws applicable to time, space and observer. They travel beyond the speed of light and they may occupy variable spaces in different forms. Microvita are sensitive to environmental factors like smell, they are influenced by sentiments. They lead us towards the understanding of Consciousness as the ultimate reality. A reality who is perceivable through Nature only in a very tiny fraction.

Where we go from here? to do more meditation. To start circles of study on Microvita based on more and more meditation. Meditation is the key for solving all the problems and all the mysteries of the Universe. Only meditation truly speaking can change the world in a better one. Yes, maybe hard to believe as it is hard to meditate but as a meditation teacher I made my point. Eventually everybody sooner or later will have to come to some deal or agreement with meditation independently from which faith or core believe system they consider to belong. Better sooner than later. The world is suffering. People are suffering , both in the mental and physical spheres. Consciousness is beyond suffering but Nature is tattered by the marks of sufferance when the law of Nature cannot function unhindered. When people cannot laugh and be happy as a natural expression of human life. The fundamental meaning of life is love. Love as the force of attraction towards the Beloved, the Creator, the Matrix, the Infinite, the inexpressible an unbound Happiness that permeates the whole Universe and beyond. Love is more than just a word or even a sentiment with its transient nature.  Love is the fundamental binding agent of the whole cosmological order.

Om Shanti. Peace to All.