Summer Conference 2023

The Summer Conference of the New York Sector was successfully conducted from July 2 – 8, 2023, at Ananda Kanan in Missouri.
The Summer Conference started with Akhanda Kiirtana, and then all Dadas, Didis, and Margii brothers and sisters inaugurated the program with the offering of flowers by SS Dada, Dada Shankarananda, and Didi Ananda Radhika. The program started full of devotion and spiritual vibration by Baba’s grace.

Highlights of the Summer Conference

Acarya Shiilabhadrananada Avadhuta, Acarya Dhruva, and Ac Iishvarakrsnananda Avadhuta gave seminar classes on social and devotional topics. There was also an organizational review of progress in the Sector presented by different Dadas and Didis to encourage Margii brothers and sisters to participate and take on organizational duties actively. The Margiis were happy to see the progress of the Sector.

On the 4th of July at Willow Springs, everyone joined the annual parade with all local organizations and individuals and thousands of people in the audience. We had a blissful march with Kiirtana accompanied by musical instruments. The participating groups in the parade are the attractions of the event.

RAWA and a Neohumanistic symposium were very successful, with two scientists from California, Brother Pavan and Sister Nandana, and Dada Shiilabhadrananada and Dada Satyamitrananda. They all presented the Neohumanistic ideas that Baba has given to protect the plant, animal, and human kingdoms, save the creation of cosmic consciousness, and respect every flora and fauna in a conducive environment for the individual and the collective. In this way, the New York Sector spread the message amongst the Margiis and worldwide. The hour demands to respect and protect the legacy of the creation.

A RAWA program was also conducted with more than 20 children and adults performing drama and dance. In this way, we try to engage all the participants and encourage them to save the civilization and culture by doing maximum RAWA programs in the respective regions and units. Acarya Iishvarakrsnananda Avadhuta gave the message to organize RU & RAWA programs in the units and bhuktis.

Another highlight of the retreat was that Brother Sudhira, the LFT of Ananda Kanan, established a Renaissance Gallery at Ananda Kanan on July 7th. We inaugurated the Renaissance Gallery for education on the importance of artists, all arts, and values that Baba has encouraged the artists and writers to protect to increase the spiritual flow. All the Didis, Dadas, and Margiis participated when Acarya Abhiramamanda Avadhuta, SS NY, and GS inaugurated the Renaissance Gallery by cutting the ribbon.

The attraction of the conference was the daily devotional programs with lots of Kiirtans, the children’s programs, Katha Kiirtans, sports, and yoga classes. The Sector is successfully emerging to attract many new Margiis brothers and sisters of the young generation. The conference was full of youth, and their dynamic energy encouraged all the participants and maintained a dynamic flow throughout this conference. The participants of the conference were more than 80 people. All were charged spiritually and organizationally by Baba’s grace, and the concluding session was organized with the help of all the participants.

SS Dada, Acarya Abhramananda Avadhuta recognized and appreciated the work of Dadas, Didis, and bhuktis for their sincere work and progress in the NY sector. The Sector always encourages and promotes discipline and to work freely utilizing people’s expertise. The administration of the Sector tried to encourage all the Bhukti Pradhans, ACB members, unit secretaries, and all Margii brothers and sisters to maintain the legacy of Baba’s mission and do maximum work. By Baba’s grace, all the concerned members of the organization emerged during this conference. The Sector enables coordination of all the work and gives the proper justice to all the projects, programs, and members of the Sector. In the concluding session, a gift token, as a memento, was presented for outstanding work and encouragement before all Margii brothers and sisters.

It is now requested that all the Margii brothers and sisters and Dadas and Didis do maximum pracar and create more programs and projects in the respective units to maintain the legacy of Baba.

Hope to see you at the next conference!

Thank you, and best wishes,

Ac Abhiramananda Avt
+1 347 553 1057